A division of Lancelot Global Business Solutions, S.L.
Osa Mayor, 26 - 07609 Llucmajor (Baleares/Spain) Tel.  (+34) 911 010 090 - Fax: (+34) 971 570 232
SITA: PMIFSXH - E-mail: admin@lancelotfs.aero
About us
Lancelot FS is there for more than optimal flight planning and flight following. We will also arrage for you:

- Entry and overflight permissions.
- Slot coordination:
Improvements, re-routings, Brussles Help Desk coordination, SRM, etc.
- Handling arragements.
- Fuel coordination.
- Catering requests.
- Passenger and crew transport coordination.
- Hotel reservations.
- Movements
, advising company and pickup of times of departure and arrival of aircraft.
- Special discounts on hotels and handling all over Europe.
- SMS service
to inform pilots of any vital information such as slots, weather, FLP, etc.

This is only a sumary of our services, but we will adapt to any special needs you may have when away from home.