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About us
Flight planning is done with advanced software that optimizes the flight plans, obtaining savings between 2% and 7% of the direct operating cost compared to traditional planning methods. Our computerized system creates the optimal routes by considering winds, temperatures and distances, but also overflight Eurocontrol costs and conditional routings which are loaded every day into our systems.

Once our flight dispatch is done, the crew can either access the flight briefing on a web site, receive it by fax or even download it on a 3G phone, with all the information needed. Updated weather, NOTAM's, ATC flight plan, flight log, country briefings, airport briefings, passenger information and any other requested information will be downloaded with the flight briefing.

Typically 30% to 60% of all flights can be optimized for flight time or best economical FL, a fact that will result in savings far beyond our cost.